We do not have an oneg theme anymore.

Dear Beth Simcha family,  We are pleased and blessed to have so many tasty food  contributions to our Oneg meal each Shabbat, since we have moved into our new facility at Grace Bible Church. However, it has been expressed that there is too much work involved in our preparation and clean-up time.   Some see this as a ministry time, but others see it as work.  Truly, it is Shabbat, and simplicity and rest should be experienced, even when it comes to eating together.   We don’t want to continue offending each other. So, in an attempt to accomplish rest and simplicity and so that no one has to feel obligated in any way to “work” on oneg-dinnerShabbat, we are going to  observe some new guide lines for our Oneg time.  We hope you will agree that this will allow us all to have more fellowship on Shabbat,  rather than ministry/work, however you look at it.  Our Oneg time is a very important time, as we get to know our mishpachah (family)

better. We are sincerely pleased  when you decide to stay for it every week, and  when you bring something delicious to eat to share with us.! It’s been wonderful!  Let’s keep it going by keeping it simple and delightful for all of us.  It starts with……………………..

Preparation time:

Please bring your food already fully prepared.   Fruit or vegetables that are not cut, or bread or desserts that need cutting, or salads that are not all put together, or things that need to be opened and put in a bowl or on a platter by somebody else, are not going to be used.  (Also, in order to protect all of us from harmful bacteria, please wash very thoroughly all produce, especially anything that you will pass a knife through, so that nothing gets transferred to the inside of it. Some people are concerned about this, so they are not at peace eating it.)  Anyone who has to have coffee needs to come and make it early.  You will also have to clean the coffee pot.  This may influence your choice.   We are not going to make lemonade in the big jug because somebody has to clean it.  So, we are going to try individual serving boxes of apple juice for the kids, or ice water or ice tea. (very easy clean-up).  If what you bring would be best served hot, then you need to come down and turn on an oven and put in and set the timer and tend to it.  Perhaps we should all try to bring things that are good cold, especially during the summer months.

But, please let’s not, just for the sake of “easy”,  reduce our menu down to only junk veggiesfood and sweets. (Some of this is ok)  We need to keep up the good quality of food we have been having. If you are at all able to prepare nutritious food, then please bless us! Also we try to keep a Levitical Kosher diet, so please, no pork, or shell fish. 


No one will be washing their dishes or anyone else’s dishes or any serving utensils.  We are going to take them home dirty and wash them after sundown.  Please try to bring your own serving utensils to take home too. We should only have to wash the Kiddush things and counter tops and tables, and take out the trash  If you forget to bring your own serving dishes or utensils, Beth Simcha’s will be available, but you need to remember to bring it back if you take it home to wash. We may need to have a sign-out sheet for a while so we know where things go.

There are other occasions when these items will be needed during the year, so we don’t want to lose track of them.

We realize that not everyone will receive this e-mail or know about our new policy, for a few weeks,  so, of course we need to have mercy and grace as we all learn  to change how we have been doing things.  Please  know that  this has  not  come  about  as a  result of any resentment by those who have been ministering in the kitchen all along, (those who serve love to do it!)  but merely as a realization that we can improve what we do in the eyes of Avinu, (our Father.)

It is his desire that we ALL find Shabbat rest and peace. It’s His gift to us.


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