Bricks An old Jewish legend about the Tower of Babel reports that the people building the tower valued the bricks more than human lives. As the tower grew higher and higher, it took longer and longer to get a load of bricks to the top, where the construction was still…

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The Rainbow

Life is full of storms. We all experience deluges of trouble. The rainbow reminds us that after the storm is over, God’s love still prevails. The rabbis wrote a special blessing to be prayed on the occasion of seeing a rainbow. Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the…

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Legalism Some Thoughts by Tim Hegg

Jewish Heritage

Legalism Some Thoughts By Tim Hegg Torah Resource Thank you Tim for giving us permission to post this article. It seems that it is the destiny of all who pursue Torah-living to be labelled by some as “legalists.” If not often, at least occasionally we hear the warning, (sometimes from…

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