Biblical Feasts

Rosh Chodesh, the new month, new moon celebration is one of the least understood and observed of the Jewish holiday; yet, it is one of the most delightful and significant of Jewish observances.

The celebration goes back to biblical times, Numbers 10:10. During this period it was a day for blowing the shofar, festive meals, visiting prophets and not doing any work. It was a celebration. Two people would watch for the moon and report to the Sanhedrin which would proclaim the new month, and this was to be a special time, a time with God. Rosh Chodesh was to be a reminder that God is control of everything, even time. It serves to remind us that God is the creator; of the sun, moon, stars, everything. He is the king over everything in our lives; days, weeks, months, years.

This is a time of renewal, and we can see God renewing us on a regular basis.

Rosh Chodesh starts Sunday August 31  at sundown.





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