We are under Attack

We are under attack

Turn to 2nd Chronicles 17:3  I titled this message we are under attack and as continue you will see why gave it this title.          Jehoshaphat was King of Judah at this time and we read that he was a good king.          2 Chronicles 17:3-6  The LORD was with Jehoshaphat,…

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We do not have an oneg theme anymore. Dear Beth Simcha family,  We are pleased and blessed to have so many tasty food  contributions to our Oneg meal each Shabbat, since we have moved into our new facility at Grace Bible Church. However, it has been expressed that there is too much work…

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The Mitzvah of Charity

The Bible teaches us to give generously to those in need. How much should we be giving to the poor and to the work of the kingdom?   Ionically, anti-Semites depict Jewish people as greedy, stingy money-lovers. The opposite is true. Charity is a central pillar of Jewish identity and…

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